Saxby LED RGB Festoon




Festoon Smart comes with 12 heads, measuring 12m long this is ideal to add character to your outside space.

Height: 110mm

Diameter: 45mm MCK Electrical Showroom in Cork proudly offers the Saxby LED RGB Festoon lights, perfect for adding a colorful and vibrant touch to any indoor or outdoor space. These festoon lights are designed to create a captivating atmosphere and provide endless lighting possibilities.

The Saxby LED RGB Festoon lights feature energy-efficient LED bulbs that produce a wide range of vivid colors. With the ability to choose from an array of shades and hues, you can effortlessly create different lighting moods to suit various occasions and settings.

These festoon lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them versatile for any event or decor style. Whether you’re hosting a party, setting up a cozy outdoor dining area, or adding a festive touch to a special celebration, the Saxby LED RGB Festoon lights are designed to deliver a stunning visual impact.


Choose the Saxby LED RGB Festoon lights from MCK Electrical Showroom in Cork and let your creativity shine. Transform your space with these dynamic lighting solutions, adding a touch of brilliance and charm to any occasion.

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Dimensions 4.5 × 11 cm


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